We received our new print bed from eBay/China. Not a Lokbuild but at least its cheaper. First thing I noticed is that this sheet is thicker than a Lokbuild, 0.6mm thick instead of 0.5. When I followed the steps on calibrating I clicked 6 8 times to ensure proper spacing instead of the original 4.

Before applying pad

Robox Instructions:

  1. Launch AutoMaker software and navigate to Calibration button

  2. Follow instructions until asked to insert paper between nozzles and build plate

  3. Follow instructions and raise nozzles to point at which paper moves freely between nozzles and build plate

  4. Set height 4 6 8 clicks higher than this point (i.e. 0.4 mm)

  5. Proceed as normal

Starting a test print now to see how it turns out


Turns out that 6 clicks was not enough, I was unable to remove the print without damaging it. Had to rip off the print and clean the sheet with a light dab of acetone. Trying once more with 8 clicks.

Failed Print, Stuck Using acetone to clean Maybe it removed the roughness, hopefully it works