This is the process I found while setting up a new service for my brother at his house. This will only work for new customers. The address has to have no existing connections for this to work.


Step 1: Intro call, During this call you will call and ask about pricing to see if you are willing to activate a new service. You will need to seem uninterested and are willing to go without internet. Don’t make it brief. Keep it going to get more info. Ask about promotional pricing for 400mbps plans.

Step 2: Go online 4 days later and enter your address on the website for pricing.

Step 3: Keep trying step 2 until you see pricing for 400mpbs for 2 years at $44.99 on the website.

Step 4: Call once you see the pricing on the website 2 days later. Then you will be offered 400mbps for 3 years at $44.99.


This infuriates me about their sales tactics. But it seems that every time you leave a trace on their sales it bumps the plan higher and higher. I’m not sure how high they are willing to go. This promo worked for Buffalo, NY. Let me know in the comments if you have had any success or have found a way to get into this price lock period for existing customers. I’m eager to get this speed and pricing for my house with 100mpbs.