FBI has been allowed to look at your browsing history and this is what were going to do about it.

VPN Protection

We are using NordVPN to protect our privacy, they offer no logs and no history for the goverment agencies to collect. Currently they are offering 70% off. Click on our affiliate link to support our content when signing up.

NordVPN was noted as the fastes vpn multiple years. We highly recommend them over others.

They have plugins available on this page if you scroll down to “Protect all your devices” for all devices even iOS and Android. We will be using Android and Chrome plugins.

On certain routers you can enable full home vpn, although its recommended to enable it as a plugin per application.

Clear Chrome

Open History settings, Click “Clear browsing data”

Select Browsing history and Clear Data

You can clear chrome automatically on every exit or just use incognito as a norm.

Clear Firefox

Check back later for more instructions on this, You can also take a look here for now.