During my time working for the buffalo news I made many changes to the website. I handled and wrote the mobile api for applications to pull data for the website. I also made visual changes on the website including new styles, layout changes and more. I assisted staff on making changes required in a fashionable time. Other tasks included following up with customers about specific issues for troubleshooting. We used php as the main language for a system powered by wordpress. Also optimized and wrote code for wordpress plugins and other integrations.

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ATTO.com Domain Acquisition

After hearing that they have been trying to contact a company for the purchase of atto.com for 16 years, I figured I could give it a shot. I helped ATTO Technology locate the correct point of contact in a +10000 employee company to initiate negotiations of the acquisition for the 4 letter domain name. We acquired the Domain name by the end of July. You can checkout the other contributors for refferences. [Read More]

ATTO Technology SEO Redesign

I was hired for this company to perform SEO, shortly after google had scheduled the release of a new search algorithm that would reduce views on pages that were not mobile complaint. ATTO got the effect of this with a 50% drop in traffic in a matter of days. A website with over a million views a month it needed to be overhauled. I was tasked with a complete redesign on the website and its 800+ pages. I monitored and improved SEO on the pages over time as well as slowly gained back that 50% loss in traffic. You can checkout the other contributors for refferences.

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