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The Issue:

Previously on Wordpress we started noticing performance issues early on into the websites time on the web. Wordpress unfortunately is not very good with performance on high traffic websites.

The Solution:

We decided to try out a static site generator called hugo. After migrating we noticed extreme performance improvements. We made some more adjustments while the project was hot and decided to host on github public repo.

[Read More] Domain Acquisition

After hearing that they have been trying to contact a company for the purchase of for 16 years, I figured I could give it a shot. I helped ATTO Technology locate the correct point of contact in a +10000 employee company to initiate negotiations of the acquisition for the 4 letter domain name. We acquired the Domain name by the end of July. You can checkout the other contributors for refferences. [Read More]

ATTO Technology SEO Redesign

I was hired for this company to perform SEO, shortly after google had scheduled the release of a new search algorithm that would reduce views on pages that were not mobile complaint. ATTO got the effect of this with a 50% drop in traffic in a matter of days. A website with over a million views a month it needed to be overhauled. I was tasked with a complete redesign on the website and its 800+ pages. I monitored and improved SEO on the pages over time as well as slowly gained back that 50% loss in traffic. You can checkout the other contributors for refferences.

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