A class written to simplify the use of the nexmo api gateway for SMS messaging. This class was a fork from another repository with new gateway endpoints added and adding an entirely new service for automated phone calls with a tts engine. Download the file here or look at the code below.

Quick Examples

  1. Sending an SMS
$sms = new NexmoMessage('account_key', 'account_secret');
$sms->sendText( '+447234567890', 'MyApp', 'Hello world!' );
  1. Recieving SMS
$sms = new NexmoMessage('account_key', 'account_secret');
if ($sms->inboundText()) {
    $sms->reply('You said: ' . $sms->text);
  1. Recieving a message receipt
$receipt = new NexmoReceipt();
if ($receipt->exists()) {
    switch ($receipt->status) {
        case $receipt::STATUS_DELIVERED:
            // The message was delivered to the handset!
        case $receipt::STATUS_FAILED:
        case $receipt::STATUS_EXPIRED:
            // The message failed to be delivered
  1. List purchased numbers on your account
$account = new NexmoAccount('account_key', 'account_secret');
$numbers = $account->numbersList();