Pixelmon Mod

In my time working with Pixelmon team I played a role of working with multiple parts of the team due to my vast experience developing. Pixelmon was a hybrid game mode with minecraft and pokemon mixed in an open world game.

Unfortunately the game faced some pushback including dmca takedown notice from Nintendo themselves which resulted in all development ending. The game had user created content that was similar to the real game pokemon but created by hand as to avoid copyright infringement. It seems that Nintendo still carried on with the takedown however.

Pixelmon Mod Website

My time working with the team involved designing and deploying a redudant system to handle the millions of users entiring the website at once for release cycles. Re-designing the website and porting over from wordpress to a faster system written in php.


Pixelmon Mod Game

I worked closely with the developers integrating an authentication system for millions of players to validate their ban status accross servers to prevent misuse of credit card chargebacks performed by users.


Pixelmon Gaming

A seperate website dedicated to managing and hosting official pixelmon mod game servers that handled up to 8000 players spread accross multiple servers.