Nurturing Your Garden the Smart Way

A Guide to Building an ESP32-Powered Automated Watering System

Introduction In the world of electronics and software, innovation knows no bounds. As a senior software engineer in Amherst, NY, I’ve always loved to tinker with the latest technologies to create fun and exciting projects. One such project that I recently embarked on is an automated watering system that integrates seamlessly with Home Assistant, using sensors, Tasmota, MQTT, and an ESP32 4CH relay control board. In this article, I will guide you through the process of building your own automated watering system, step by step. [Read More]

Turn an Old Raspberry pi into an offsite backup

Why? Lets start off with a few notes about how and why I would do this. I already have a fireproof/waterproof drive in my house. Sounds like im all set right? Not really. Although im set on a disaster level there are a few things that can be an issue with onsite backups. Especially with my drive being plugged in all the time. Theft, Although it is “theft resistant” the metal they want me to bolt down isnt very strong at all. [Read More]